General terms and conditions:

Each client will receive a contract and project proposal that will include terms and condition specific to their project as well as the following:


Websites will be designed to function in all Grade-A browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. A custom mobile version of the website is included in this project proposal. 


Once the handover of the website is complete, all materials on the site and the site itself belong to the artist/owner as well as the responsibility for the functionality of the site. The website design and template may NOT be resold or given permission to be used or copied in any way by the artist or owner. Any changes to the design can be made at an hourly rate (same as listed below) by request to the designer.


Designer guarantees first 10 days of functionality of all components of the site, after which, sole responsibility is that of the artist/owner. The artist agrees to let Ink Fox use all design concepts, finalized drafts and materials promotionally and in print on the website or as examples for potential clients. The artist also agrees to allow Ink Fox to display its name and a link to its website at the bottom of all pages of the website in the footer. Ink Fox reserves the right at any time to remove its name from the website, should the artist make changes that no longer reflect the original design. Ink Fox is not responsible for loss or damages that may in any way be related to the website or any design materials. Ink Fox is not responsible for any potential issues related to the hosting company. 

All deposits and hours they reflect are NON-REFUNDABLE unless client wishes to terminate contract in writing within 7 days of contract signing, or designer must cancel contract for any reason. Refunds will also not be granted for general "dislike" of work, as designer has artistic licence in the design and any design "dislikes" should be addressed with the designer during the design phase of the project. Guarantees of functionality are listed above. 

Termination of a contract must be given in writing to either party and hours already work (beyond the hours included in down payment) will be billed to the client. Client may begin contract again at any point by contacting the designer in writing and as long as designer is still in working business. Timeline for re-starting of the project will be at the discretion of the designer and their design schedule. 

If contact with client ceases or the designer does not receive materials and/or written communication with the client within 3 months of the signed contract, designer suspend the project until further notice and client must re-schedule a new project timeline. 



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